England: Cultured, Classic, and Charming


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Have you ever dreamed of journeying through England, but despise off-the-shelf travel experiences? Unsure of which sites to pick when your visit is short? Battling with preparation but yearning for the freedom of exploration? With over twenty-five years traveling to England, author and seasoned traveler, Christy Nicholas, has transformed her love for the less explored corners of England's picturesque countryside and bustling cities into a deep understanding of a nation rich with history and mystique. And now she's here to share her insider knowledge for savoring the marvels of this truly striking country, allowing you to abandon the worry and dive deep into the essence of English culture.

England: Cultured, Classic, and Charming is your quintessential guide to unveiling the lesser-known jewels that will transport you to a place steeped in a history that shaped the world and entranced countless hearts. Nicholas’s experienced insight helps you traverse each county while avoiding the throngs, immersing yourself in his favorite spots, and reveling in the arresting splendor of the English countryside. Experience enchanting locations missed by many and return home invigorated after an adventure you'll treasure forever.

England: Cultured, Classic, and Charming, you'll discover:

  • Specialist advice for embarking on a trip that uncovers a world less seen.
  • Geological marvels such as the white cliffs of Dover, that add extraordinary moments to your unforgettable journey.
  • Fascinating narratives leading to historical sites and structures for an engrossing connection with the past.
  • Pragmatic tips for budgeting that make your once unattainable dream a tangible reality.
  • Detailed itineraries to help you optimize your precious time, suggestions for choosing from a plethora of must-see spots, and much, much more!

England: Cultured, Classic, and Charming: A Guide to Hidden England is an enlightening travel handbook. If you enjoy escaping the usual routes, a friendly and approachable style, and creating lasting memories, then you'll adore Christy Nicholas’s invaluable compendium.

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England: Cultured, Classic, and Charming to embark on the road less traveled today!


Publisher - Green Dragon Publishing

Author(s) - Christy Nicholas


Published Date - December 19 2023

ISBN - 9606624000030

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1 cm

Page Count - 182

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