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The publication of the new series of books of the Over Here Collection will see the largest part of Steve Miles' astonishing archive of photographs available to everyone for the first time. They are intended to be supplementary to the existing Over Here books, so no photographs from those books will be duplicated; each volume will concentrate on a single make of American Car, and will include all the remaining pictures which Steve considers worthy of publication. Perhaps we should emphasise that all of these images remain protected by copyright - they are published for others to enjoy but any reproduction is prohibited! The photographs all date from the 1960s, perhaps as late as 1972 in a few cases; all were taken by Steve himself around the streets of Oxford where he grew up, or on visits to West London in those days when transatlantic cars were relatively common in the UK. They now represent an irreplaceable archive of historic material, not simply of the cars he set out to capture but of the streets of England at that time. The first three books were published in late 2015; now we are proud to add two more volumes of images from this extraordinary archive: CADILLAC: ISBN 978-1-909551-61-9 The equivalent new volume of Cadillac photographs also includes over 140 images of cars from 1953 up to 1970 taken on the streets of England, among them some real rarities. A few pictures come from the annual Earls Court Motor Show or the London GM dealer of the time, Lendrum and Hartmann Ltd.


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Steve Miles


Published Date - January 12 2016

ISBN - 9781909551619

Dimesions - 24.6 x 18.9 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 80

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