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GUN CONTROL: INTERNATIONAL VIEWS, PERSPECTIVES AND COMPARISONS extensively explores gun control policies, firearm ownership landscapes, and associated issues across various countries. It begins with an introductory chapter outlining its scope and purpose. Subsequent chapters delve into topics such as gun control policies encompassing crime prevention, public safety, mass shooting reduction, mental health considerations, domestic violence prevention, accidental shooting prevention, national security, illegal firearm trafficking, and maintenance of public order. The book also addresses the definition of guns, civilian firearm use, responsible gun ownership, and the United States' intricate gun ownership landscape, covering laws, regulations, statistics, and the impact of policies on violent crime and mass shootings. Further chapters extend this analysis to other nations, exploring gun control scenarios in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia. Additionally, the book discusses global perspectives on gun ownership variations, the purchase process, and introduces a rating system for effective gun control policies. The final chapter explores the sociological aspects of sports shooting, covering historical development, cultural influences, community dynamics, inclusivity, economic factors, political aspects, controversies, and the intersection of health and well-being. The inclusion of an index and reference section enhances the book's accessibility and credibility, ultimately presenting a comprehensive examination of diverse aspects within the realm of gun-related subjects.


Publisher - After Midnight Publishing

Author(s) - Richard Skiba


Published Date - February 15 2024

ISBN - 9780975644621

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 2 cm

Page Count - 353

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