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Dive into the aromatic world of coffee with Coffee Odyssey, where every sip tells a story richer than the last. This comprehensive exploration goes beyond the beans to uncover coffee's transformative journey across cultures, continents, and centuries.

From the ancient highlands of Ethiopia to the bustling coffee shops of Tokyo, discover how coffee became the world's morning ritual. Coffee Odyssey unveils the mysteries of this beloved beverage, tracing its historic roots and the extraordinary journey to global domination. Learn about the pivotal role coffee played in shaping social and political movements and how it continues to stir conversations in cafes worldwide.

Whether you're a seasoned barista or a casual coffee drinker, this book is brewed to perfection for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of coffee. Indulge in 1001 fascinating facts that capture the essence of coffee culture, from the art of traditional coffee ceremonies to the science behind your morning cup. Explore the innovative future of coffee, from sustainable farming practices to the latest trends in coffee consumption.

Embark on a journey with Coffee Odyssey and savor the rich, complex story of coffee. Let each page invigorate your passion for this timeless beverage. Perfect for gifting to the coffee enthusiast in your life or as a treasure for your own collection, grab your copy today and celebrate the drink that connects us all.


Publisher - Tio Felipe Designs

Author(s) - Tio Felipe


Published Date - June 26 2024

ISBN - 9798895080405

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.7 cm

Page Count - 118

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