Round the Rings


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This is a collection of recent poems by Mick Escott, who gained some of his inspiration from the rich and diverse culture of Bristol where he has settled. The poems are of varied character and style, covering a wide range of subjects. Several refer to the natural world, such as the plight of wildlife in a number of evocative situations – a walrus fight for survival and the cruelty of hare coursing, threats to birds, the plight of wombats in Australian fires. Animal subjects finish with the wonder for kids ‘as they run in rings around their world.’ In a graver vein the problems facing an asylum seeker are addressed; also reflections on COVID and health issues such as tinnitus. There is a great deal of humour in the book, such as in Car Boot Contenders, told in jaunty fashion from three points of view and the ballad of a failed love affair between a vole and a partridge. Read about the problem arising from the lack of a corkscrew in a concert interval. Find here selected desserts – zabaglione and blancmange. There is a focus on football with a poem about a Black Friday ticket deal and the story of a day out at a match; and theatre in appreciation of gold leaf decoration in a traditional venue contrasting with the experience of enduring a performance behind a woman adorned with a fox stole. While many pieces employ a free style, established forms are used too. They include sonnets, a villanelle and a pantoum, as well as a selection of enjoyable rhyming. There are also diverse photos, including Exeter in the Blitz, a stuffed lynx kitten, the botanist Joseph Banks, puddings and a delightful cat, illustrating reflections on it as a pet and its battle with a fly.


Publisher - Action Publishing Technology

Author(s) - Mick Escott


Published Date - February 28 2022

ISBN - 9781789632446

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 70

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