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Title: Wire Bound
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This planner is for children 8+

Embark on a journey of imagination with 90 exciting LEGO build ideas that will spark creativity and critical thinking. From futuristic space stations to magical castles, each day presents a new challenge to inspire young architects. Watch as their problem-solving skills and love for building soar to new heights.


But it's not just about bricks! The daily build planner is also a personal journal, offering daily pages for reflection and planning of builds. Kids can record their thoughts, design and the story behind each creation. This daily ritual not only enhances writing skills but encourages self-awareness and mindfulness.


Publisher - Book Vault Publishing

Author(s) - Victoria Hall | Jamie Lindsay

Wire Bound

Published Date - November 20 2023

ISBN - 9605976000057

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 190

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