Mayhem and Minnie


Title: Hardback
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**Special Edition with Gold Foil and EndPages**

He’s a neurotic serial killer. She’s the woman he cannot kill.

Marlowe Spencer-Astor is in a slump. He hasn’t killed a single soul in one hundred seventy four days. Not even therapy could solve his murderous problem, though he promised his mother he’d try.

But then he sees a homeless girl by the side of the road.


She’s naked, dirty and smelly–everything that triggers his OCD.

Though he’s never killed a woman before, Marlowe sees this as an opportunity to get out of his slump.

She would be his greatest kill, his missing muse.

So he hires her as his maid while he plots the perfect murder.

But odd things start happening around her.

All the men who see her become bewitched by her. And as Marlowe slowly reconsiders his plan to kill her, he realizes she must have put a spell on him too.

Or did she?

By the time Marlowe realizes who, or what Minnie is, he becomes embroiled in an ancient conflict between gods and demons that threatens the stability of the universe. And when his life is in danger, will Minnie be his friend, or his foe?

Dexter meets The Exorcist in this dark romance with fantasy and paranormal elements by the bestselling author of Fairydale .


Publisher - VL Books

Author(s) - Veronica Lancet


Published Date - August 01 2024

ISBN - 9781959854159

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 3 cm

Page Count - 480

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