Giants and Dwarfs


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Discover the world of Giants and Dwarfs in this revised and first illustrated edition of the classic 1868 book by Edward J. Wood. This fascinating and rare collection of accounts brings to life both mythical and many historical figures, including the infamous Gogmagog and Polyphemus. Explore the chapter entitled "Bible Dwarfs" featuring the biblical hybrid giants known as the Nephilim, as well as forgotten legends and eyewitness accounts of famous dwarfs and giants.

While the book may not fully reflect modern understanding of the medical and physical causes of dwarfism and gigantism, it offers a valuable archive of historical references, folklore, and accounts of the daily lives of these captivating figures. Many dwarfs and giants had dramatic life stories, solely due to their deviating size. They appeared in royal households, became attractions at traveling carnivals and exhibitions, or simply tried to create a normal life for themselves.

From famous figures in lore to the more obscure, and even strange mummified bodies, this book offers a glimpse into an intriguing and often misunderstood world. Divided into 16 chapters, an appendix, and featuring 30 historical illustrations, this revised edition is both compelling and essential for anyone interested in exploring this unique chapter of human history.

Revised & illustrated edition. Full table of contents on



Publisher - VAMzzz Publishing

Author(s) - Edward Wood


Published Date - May 10 2023

ISBN - 9789492355621

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 2.2 cm

Page Count - 392

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