Scenes of Clerical Life


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"Scenes of Clerical Life" by George Eliot is a collection of three novellas that offer a vivid portrayal of rural life in England during the early 19th century. Through the lives of its characters, Eliot delves into themes of love, loss, social class, and moral dilemmas. The stories are rich in detail and dialogue, with a keen insight into human nature and the complexities of relationships.Eliot's writing style is both eloquent and introspective, drawing readers into the lives of the clergy members and their communities. The novel showcases her ability to create engaging and realistic characters, as well as her skill in exploring the emotional depth of their experiences. With its compelling narratives and profound themes, "Scenes of Clerical Life" remains a timeless classic that continues to resonate with readers today.


Publisher - Lettel

Author(s) - George Eliot


Published Date - June 30 2024

ISBN - 9789916758663

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm

Page Count - 328

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