A Room with a View


Title: Paperback
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In E. M. Forster's classic novel, A Room with a View, readers are transported to the early 20th century as they follow the young protagonist, Lucy Honeychurch, on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. Set in both the idyllic landscape of Italy and the repressive society of Edwardian England, the novel explores themes of individual freedom, societal expectations, and the clash between passion and convention.As Lucy navigates the constraints of her class and upbringing, she must choose between following her heart or conforming to society's expectations. Through his lyrical prose and insightful observations, Forster masterfully critiques the rigid social norms of the time while also celebrating the beauty of love, art, and nature. A Room with a View is a timeless tale that continues to resonate with readers today for its exploration of the human spirit and the pursuit of authentic happiness.


Publisher - Lettel

Author(s) - E. M. Forster


Published Date - June 30 2024

ISBN - 9789916758236

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 196

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