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"Wonderland of Feelings: A Magical Adventure for Kids (Ages 6-10)"

Welcome to the enchanting world of "Wonderland of Feelings," specially designed for curious minds aged 6 to 10! Created by Mildred Rose and her grandma, who happens to be a therapist, this magical book takes children on an immersive journey of self-discovery. Let's explore how this unique experience can nurture your child's emotional understanding and provide a safe space for them to express and explore their feelings.

Why "Wonderland of Feelings" is Special for Your Child:

  1. Creative Exploration of Emotions:
    • Dive into captivating stories and vibrant illustrations that make emotions come to life. "Wonderland of Feelings" encourages creative expression, allowing kids to explore the world of emotions through colors, shapes, and engaging stories.
  2. Building Emotional Intelligence:
    • This book is more than just a read; it's a toolkit for developing emotional intelligence. By navigating the whimsical landscape of "Wonderland of Feelings," children learn to identify, understand, and express their emotions confidently. The interactive nature of the book fosters self-awareness and empathy—essential skills for navigating everyday challenges.
  3. Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds:
    • "Wonderland of Feelings" provides a unique opportunity for parents and children to share the joy of discovery together. Use the book as a starting point for open conversations about emotions, creating a safe and supportive space where your child feels understood.

Key Features of "Wonderland of Feelings":

  1. Eight Weeks of Guided Diary Entries:
    • The heart of this journey lies in the special diary section. Over eight weeks, your child will explore their feelings daily. Each entry helps them recognize, express, and reflect on their emotions in an educational and empowering way.
  2. Interactive Activities for Creative Expression:
    • Beyond traditional storytelling, "Wonderland of Feelings" offers various interactive activities to stimulate creativity. From drawing to imaginative play, these activities provide diverse ways for children to express their emotions.
  3. Feelings Word Searches for Fun Learning:
    • Make learning about emotions a playful adventure with feelings-themed word searches. These engaging puzzles reinforce vocabulary and encourage a positive connection with recognizing and understanding different emotions.

Creating a Safe Space for Feelings:

"Wonderland of Feelings" is more than a book; it's a sanctuary where children can safely explore and express their feelings. The content aims to empower children, teaching them that every feeling is valid and has a place in their emotional landscape.

How to Make the Most of "Wonderland of Feelings":

  1. Daily Diary Entries:
    • Encourage your child to spend a few moments daily on the diary entries. Use this time to discuss their feelings openly and without judgment.
  2. Interactive Activities:
    • Participate in the activities together. Whether it's drawing or crafting, these activities provide valuable bonding moments while promoting creative expression.
  3. Word Searches for Fun Learning:
    • Enjoy the word searches as a family. Make it a collaborative effort, discussing the meanings of different emotions as you search for them.


"Wonderland of Feelings" is not just a book; it's a companion on the journey to emotional intelligence and self-discovery. Created by Mildred Rose and her therapist grandma, this enchanting world provides your child with tools to navigate feelings confidently, empathetically, and creatively. Enjoy the exploration, and may your child's emotional landscape bloom with understanding, acceptance, and the joy of expressing ALL the feels! 



Author(s) - Kate Hudson-Hall


Published Date - December 17 2023

ISBN - 9781738463077

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 150

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