Snow Leopard: A Fun and Educational Book for Kids with Amazing Facts and Pictures


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Snow Leopard: A Fun and Educational Book for Kids with Amazing Facts and Pictures


Introduction in Chapter 1 The Snow Leopard, a huge cat species native to the mountainous areas of Central Asia, is described in this chapter. It discusses the fundamental traits of the snow leopard, such as its distinctive features, distribution, and habitat, as well as the major dangers the species is now experiencing.


Chapter 2: Presentation This chapter dives more deeply into the snow leopard's outward appearance, including its coat, tail, and overall body composition. It discusses the characteristics, including the snow leopard's huge paws and thick fur, that make it ideal for its mountainous environment.


Geographical Chapter 3 The range and distribution of the snow leopard are covered in this chapter, along with the nations where it can be found, the several mountain ranges it frequents, and the average elevations where it can be found. Also, it talks about how numerous elements, including human activity and climate change, affect the habitat of snow leopards.


Chapter 4: Conduct This chapter examines the snow leopard's behavior, including its social relationships, hunting behaviors, and communication techniques. It also discusses the different adaptations, such as the snow leopard's capacity for energy storage and its exceptional vision, that enable it to endure in its hostile environment.


Reproduction Chapter 5 This chapter discusses the snow leopard's reproductive behaviors, including its mating behavior, gestation duration, and cub birth. Also, it talks about the difficulties in snow leopard reproduction, such as the scarcity of suitable partners and the effects of human disturbance on breeding habits.


Publisher - Hisham Selmi

Author(s) - Odette Leo


Published Date - March 29 2023

ISBN - 9782960325133

Dimensions - 25.4 x 20.3 x 0.3 cm

Page Count - 54

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