Learn To Juggle In 15 Minutes


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Learn To Juggle In 15 Minutes is a fun and easy to follow 8 step guide to juggling 3 balls. Anyone can learn to juggle and discover the amazing benefits, as well as impress friends and family. In addition, a bonus section on club juggling and tricks is included for free.

Aimed at both children and adults, it follows a simple step-by-step system, alongside photos and diagrams, so you see exactly what to do. 

The author has taught many hundreds of people the fundamental knowledge to juggle in 15 minutes or less using this system and is confident you too will become a proficient juggler.


Boosts brain development

Does not discriminate

Builds hand-eye coordination

Better problem solving

Is stimulating and calming

Is incredibly good fun


Publisher - Xylem Publishing

Author(s) - J A Crawshaw


Published Date - October 10 2023

ISBN - 9781838377342

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 76

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