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Jed’s Big Adventure is the second illustrated children’s book in the Shark Guardian Series.

The book features Jed the Hammerhead, who was introduced in the first book in the series, Sharks Our Ocean Guardians.

Jed is now a juvenile shark who is growing fast. He is ready for adventure. He wants to see the world.

Leaving his mangrove nursery to head for the reef, he meets other sharks including a black tip reef shark and a leopard shark. Together with the black tip reef shark, Jed rescues a turtle trapped in a net and the pair are shocked by all the plastic polluting the sea and the development along the shores of the mangroves.

Closer to the reef, Jed meets other hammerhead sharks who coach him the skills of catching prey.  Also near the reef, Jed almost swims into the jaws of Scarface, a terrifying moray eel.

Since the publication in 2014 of Sharks Our Ocean Guardians, the book has been enjoyed by large numbers of children in presentations by Shark Guardian directors Brendon Sing and Liz Ward-sing, and by the author and illustrator Gail Clarke. This new book of Jed’s adventures will be added to future presentations.

Shark Guardian is a UK charity which aims to advance the conservation of sharks and many other marine species worldwide for their sustainable management while protecting their natural environment. This is achieved through education, developing skills, conservation activities and promoting research projects.

Brendon Sing and Liz Ward-Sing are both scuba diving instructors based in Phuket, Thailand with many years’ experience of diving with sharks. Since founding the Shark Guardian charity in 2013, their focus has been on educating the next generation of Shark Guardians by inspiring them to help protect shark species worldwide. Their hope is that this book and subsequent books in the series will encourage children to learn more about sharks, to visit oceans in many parts of the world and to discover the extraordinary strength and natural beauty of these amazing creatures.

Brendon and Liz are very grateful to children’s author and illustrator Gail Clarke for the huge amount of time she has spent putting this book together. They are delighted with how she has taken their inspirations and created such a fantastic, factual story with beautiful illustrations.

Fifty percent of the profit from sales of this print-on-demand version of ‘Jed’s big Adventure; The Shark Guardian Series Book Two’ will be donated to the Shark Guardian Charity. By purchasing this book, and others in the series, you will be helping in the conservation of sharks and other marine species.

Find out more about Shark Guardian at and about author and illustrator Gail Clarke’s other books on her Amazon author page and her website at


Publisher - Gail Clarke

Author(s) - Gail Clarke | Gail Clarke


Published Date - May 08 2023

ISBN - 9602529000137

Dimensions - 21.6 x 21.6 x 0.2 cm

Page Count - 33

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