Atlanta Tully Time Traveller


Title: Paperback
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When 11-year-old Atlanta plays the piano at her interview at the prestigious college of music, the Director is blown away - he has never met such a talented girl. But Atlanta's mind is no longer on her musical carrer. She has met a girl from the future and Atlanta recognises that both the science and the music from this future time is something out of this world. Even though she is not very brave, she agrees to travels back in time to gather information about the past for this unknown future civilisation. She finds herself facing up to challnges that she has never faced before, and in so doing returns to the twenty-first century able to conquer her nerves and pick up her violin and play in front of a critical audience.


Publisher - Seven Arches Publishing

Author(s) - Brian Tyrer | Jane Schaffer | Brian Tyrer | Jane Schaffer | Brian Tyrer | Jane Schaffer | Brian Tyrer | Jane Schaffer


Published Date - June 15 2010

ISBN - 9780955616983

Dimensions - 19.8 x 12.9 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 150

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