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Clive Pudding is a rough diamond country tradesmen living in Berkshire, in his mid 40’s he has always aspired to be classy. He runs a successful little business with his partner Justin and loves the camaraderie, fun pubs and travel associated with his sign writing business, but he does not see what he has. He views his current ‘posh’ girlfriend Beryl as his only chance to better himself socially and if he cannot make this relationship work he’ll be condemned to life as a single man forever, with no love or comfort - dying alone! He strives to make himself respectable but is continuously betrayed by his working class roots, lack of education, crudity and entry-level social etiquette. Clive is extremely proud of his daughter who escaped working class and became a professional; he loves her with all his heart. His business partner Justin sees him as a kind, affable chap with a wealth of kindness and experience to offer. He just wishes he could relax and be himself, but Clive cannot see that he can be a success without all the trappings of wealth. The economy has taken a downward turn and his business having gone bust left him with nothing including Beryl who, now tired of his rustic charm left him as soon as she realized he had nothing left to offer her financially or emotionally. The final blow comes when his mother dies suddenly; spiraling into depression he turns to prostitution, gambling, drink and after losing all interest in his Business his debts start to spiral out of control… What will become of Clive Pudding and Justin East?


Publisher - Action Publishing Technology

Author(s) - Justin East | Justin East | Justin East | Justin East | Justin East


Published Date - December 31 2013

ISBN - 9781909465220

Dimensions - 18 x 11 x 0.7 cm

Page Count - 84

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