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Embark on a year-long adventure with "My Guided Permaculture Garden Planner, Log book and Journal." This handy guide is designed to help you plan, keep track, and enjoy the life in your permaculture garden all year round.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Dream Garden Planner: Imagine and create your ideal permaculture space
  • Comprehensive Inventories: Keep track of your tools, seeds, roots, bulbs, shopping lists, and expenses
  • Seasonal Chore Planners: Stay on top of your gardening tasks in every season, from early spring through to winter
  • Garden Layout and Sun Map: Plan where to plant by understanding your garden's unique zones and features.
  • Planting Timelines and Health Tracking: Get insights on when to plant and harvest, and keep an eye on water supply, pests, and diseases.
  • Pruning basics: a handy cheat-sheet for pruning fruit trees and rejuvenating old trees
  • Pollinator Fan Page: Celebrate the vibrant life that help your garden thrive.
  • Bonus Guides: Dive deeper into gardening with Hügelkultur basics, a Companion Planting guide, the Raised bed cheat sheet and more

And if during the season you need more room to record your journey, simply visit the website provided in the logbook to download and print additional pages that match the book's format.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this journal is here to make your permaculture journey more organized and enjoyableIt's a great companion to Sophie's 'The Practical Permaculture Project' book. This journal brings those ideas to life in a practical way.

Perfect for gifting to friends who love gardening, this journal is not just for keeping notes—it's a fun way to explore and enjoy your permaculture journey.

Don't wait! Start your permaculture adventure today with "My Guided Permaculture Garden Planner Log Book and Journal."

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Publisher - LPK Smart Solutions LTD

Author(s) - Sophie McKay


Published Date - April 08 2024

ISBN - 9781916662155

Dimensions - 25.4 x 17.8 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 137

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