Broken Brain: Brutally Honest, Brutally Me


Title: Paperback
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This is my Brain Cancer Memoir Tale. For years now I've blindly followed suit. Late 2018 they found a lemon in the back of my caput and took it out for all the world to look. They took some of my best moves, left me a shuddering hulk and stopped me walking too far in front. To fail and fail and fail, I've fallen back into my castle of frail. The Holy Grail may well be far away, but my broken Brain still remains today. Symptoms and side-effects and explanations for why I fall over so much. I'm not the man I was before. It takes me a little time to do my thing, I'm sure, but slowly I'll get to where I was before.


Publisher - The Endless Bookcase

Author(s) - Aria Nikjooy


Published Date - March 26 2021

ISBN - 9781914151071

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 1 cm

Page Count - 178

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