The Snow Queen


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THE SNOW QUEEN Hans Christian Andersen Adapted for the stage by Neil Duffield Acclaimed musical stage version of The Snow Queen is a hit with theatres in the UK and abroad. This timeless classic is brought to life for the 21st century by award-winning children's playwright Neil Duffield. Seasonal favourite published for use as a performance script for schools, youth theatres and amateur drama groups. Description The Snow Queen plans to transform the world into a blinding white wilderness where people's hearts are as cold as ice. Trapped in her ice palace and enchanted by a magic mirror Kai, seems lost to the world forever. His sister, Gerda, must find a way to rescue him, encountering a treacherous troll and a band of robbers along the way. Helped by the Wise Woman of the North and Freya, the Goddess of Spring, Gerda finally discovers the Snow Queen's icy castle. But will she be able to defeat the Snow Queen's terrible magic and save the world from an eternal winter? A powerful and enchanting tale of good versus evil, The Snow Queen has been adapted for the stage by award-winning playwright Neil Duffield, from Hans Christian Andersen's traditional and much-loved tale. Adaptor Bolton-based Neil Duffield has written extensively for children's theatre, winning the Arts Council's award for Best Children's play in 2006 with The Lost Warrior. Previous plays include: A Christmas Carol, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Happy Prince. Reviews THE TIMES ' … children's theatre at its best - and there is enough to keep the adults entertained too.' THE GUARDIAN '... full of frost bright colours, crunchy tunes and tangy originality ... a quality show for children ... so potent that ancient symbols really seemed to work in new ways ...' THE SUNDAY TIMES '...simple, unaffected theatrical magic... about keeping faith with your beliefs.' MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS '... a sizzling seasonal show to melt the hearts of the whole family......great Christmas entertainment. What more could you ask?'


Publisher - Aurora Metro Press

Author(s) - Neil Duffield | H.C. Anderson | Neil Duffield | H.C. Anderson | Neil Duffield | Neil Duffield | Neil Duffield | Neil Duffield | Neil Duffield | H.C. Anderson | Neil Duffield | H.C. Anderson | Neil Duffield | Hans Christian Andersen


Published Date - March 22 2016

ISBN - 9781906582401

Dimensions - 19.8 x 12.9 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 95

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