Heels, Girls Guide to Heels

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HEELS, A Girl's Guide to Heels. Shoes are much more than mere fashion accessories. On the one hand they are the most sensible elements of any wardrobe. They protect our naked feet from harsh environments and stony grounds. They stabilize our gait, and protect our delicate ankles, knees and hips. But whilst they ground and support us they also caress our feet, elevate our spirits and in the case of high heels they accentuate the butt, arch the back and make us into feline Goddesses of unlimited sexual power. No other fashion item has ever offered us so much. In this t best selling edition on the legend of the Heel we look at the history of foot / Heel fetishism in history, and drop in to meet some of the more famous foot/shoe fetishists ever. We profile all the various types of designer Heels by their classification. We explore the craft secrets of what makes a well made Heel, and learn how to spot a well made shoe. As Dita Von Teese one said famously; ?Heels and red lipstick put the fear of God into people? Featuring special sections on designer brands; -Alessandro Oteri -Alexander McQueen -Bally -Brian Attwood -Camilla Skovgaard -Camper -Casadei -Cesare Paciotti -Christian Louboutin -Christian Dior -Converse -Ernesto Esposito -Fendi -Ferragamo -Fratelli Rossetti -Giuseppe Zanotti -Gucci -Jimmy Choo -Kenneth Cole Louis Vuitton Manolo Blahnik Michel Perry Nicholas Kirkwood Pierre Hardy Prada Miu Miu Robert Clergerie Roger Vivier Ruthie Davis Sergio Rossi Stephane Kelian Tods Terry De Havilland Vivienne Westwood Versace YSL Girls Guides by Fashion Industry Broadcast is an essential series to collect. Available in a glossy hard cover format as well as handy purse size paper back. BAGS, A Girl's Guide to Bags HEELS, A Girl's Guide to Heels LINGERIE, A Girl's Guide to Lingerie PARIS FASHION, A Girl's Guide to Paris Fashion ITALIAN FASHION, A Girl's Guide to Italian Fashion AMERICAN FASHION, A Girl's Guide to American Fashion


Publisher -

Author(s) - Paul G Roberts


Published Date - March 10 2016

ISBN - 9781944785895

Dimensions - 28 x 21.6 x 1.8 cm

Page Count - 278

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