The Cyber Security Handbook - Prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks with the IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework (CRF)

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In the world as we know it, you can be attacked both physically and virtually. For today’s organisations, which rely so heavily on technology – particularly the Internet – to do business, the latter is the far more threatening of the two. The cyber threat landscape is complex and constantly changing. For every vulnerability fixed, another pops up, ripe for exploitation. This book is a comprehensive cyber security implementation manual which gives practical guidance on the individual activities identified in the IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework (CRF) that can help organisations become cyber resilient and combat the cyber threat landscape. Suitable for senior directors (CEO, CISO, CIO), compliance managers, privacy managers, IT managers, security analysts and others, the book is divided into six parts: Part 1: Introduction. The world of cyber security and the approach taken in this book. Part 2: Threats and vulnerabilities. A discussion of a range of threats organisations face, organised by threat category, to help you understand what you are defending yourself against before you start thinking about your actual defences. Part 3: The CRF processes. Detailed discussions of each of the 24 CRF processes, explaining a wide range of security areas by process category and offering guidance on how to implement each. Part 4: Eight steps to implementing cyber security. Our eight-step approach to implementing the cyber security processes you need and maintaining them. Part 5: Reference frameworks. An explanation of how standards and frameworks work, along with their benefits. It also presents ten framework options, introducing you to some of the best-known standards and giving you an idea of the range available. Part 6: Conclusion and appendices. The appendices include a glossary of all the acronyms and abbreviations used in this book. Start your journey to cyber security – buy this book today!


Publisher - IT Governance Ltd

Author(s) - Alan Calder


Published Date - December 10 2020

ISBN - 9781787782600

Dimensions - 21.6 x 14 x 2.1 cm

Page Count - 382

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