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The hands-on guide that you need to successfully deliver your projects within the PRINCE2 Agile framework PRINCE2 Agile: An Implementation Pocket Guide explains how the structured, management-driven PRINCE2 project governance framework is able to work cohesively with team-driven, quality-focused, responsive Agile methods. It provides a clear explanation of how these two approaches combine to provide the governance, due diligence and accountability that senior management requires, as well as the responsiveness and flexibility that project delivery teams need in order to do their jobs most effectively. PRINCE2 Agile: An Implementation Pocket Guide supplements the official AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile guide, giving you step-by-step advice for implementing PRINCE2 Agile for every project type in your organisation . It is as valuable for established PRINCE2 organisations as it is for organisations with no formal governance structure; as relevant for organisations that deliver traditional waterfall projects as it is for those experienced in Agile methods. The guide also includes targeted questions and customised guidance to align with the specific needs of your organisation and your projects. Product overview PRINCE2 Agile™: An Implementation Pocket Guide explains the PRINCE2 Agile framework in practical terms with project-specific guidance on how to implement it - especially valuable for those who need a readily available reference source to supplement the official PRINCE2 Agile guide. This book addresses a range of implementation scenarios, including: PRINCE2 organisations that want to implement PRINCE2 Agile to get the benefits of Agile methods in their existing governance framework. PRINCE2 organisations that want to merge their current Agile project work into the combined PRINCE2 Agile framework. PRINCE2 organisations that want to transition the next stage of their existing waterfall projects into the combined PRINCE2 Agile framework. Organisations with no existing governance structure or project delivery method that want to implement PRINCE2 Agile as an integrated governance and project delivery framework. Organisations that currently use Agile methods with no governance framework and want to implement PRINCE2 Agile to provide greater alignment between their Agile work and corporate objectives. Most importantly, PRINCE2 Agile™: An Implementation Pocket Guide adheres to one of the core principles of PRINCE2 Agile by providing flexible options in each scenario to allow you to implement the processes, tools and structures that are best suited to the specific needs of your project and your organisation. Contents Chapter 1: Overview of PRINCE2 describes the key elements of the PRINCE2 governance framework; Chapter 2: Overview of Agile describes the most common Agile methods that are used for project delivery; Chapter 3: Overview of PRINCE2 Agile describes how these two approaches are combined into a unified project governance and delivery framework with a focus on the benefits that this integrated approach provides; Chapter 4: Five Keys to PRINCE2 Agile Success identifies the five most important factors for you to consider when implementing PRINCE2 Agile; Chapters 5 to 9 provide step-by-step, project-specific guidance for implementing PRINCE2 in your organisation ; and Chapter 10: Further Expansion of PRINCE2 Agile offers an approach for expanding your use of PRINCE2 Agile beyond project work. PRINCE2 Agile™: An Implementation Pocket Guide is intended for anyone who is impacted by a PRINCE2 Agile project, either directly as a project team member or indirectly, such as customer service, quality assurance and project administration. Used in conjunction with the AXELOS official PRINCE2 Agile guide, this book will provide you with realistic and achievable approaches for implementing a PRINCE2 Agile framework that can consistently deliver responsive, high-value project outcomes in your organisation.


Publisher - IT Governance Ltd

Author(s) - Jamie Lynn Cooke | Jamie Lynn Cooke


Published Date - April 21 2016

ISBN - 9781849288071

Dimensions - 16.5 x 9.5 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 136

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