Words of Wisdom


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Change your thoughts, change your life.

Great minds like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, and many more come together in this collection of memorable quotes about persistence, resilience, optimism, and success.


These reflections will comfort, inspire, and motivate you daily.


International bestselling author Marc Reklau shares his personal collection of motivational and inspirational quotes from the world's greatest thinkers.

He used these quotes for hope, inspiration, and motivation when he was at his lowest point, just after being fired from his job, and at other times when he faced loss, failure, and rejection. These Words of Wisdom gave him the power and the grit to go on. These are eternal truths, and you can use them to your advantage.


Reklau explains what each quote means to him and gives practical advice for applying it in your daily life.

May these quotes give you the energy, motivation, inspiration, hope, and comfort they gave to him.


Meet the greatest thinkers of all time (and Pooh the Bear). May they inspire you and bring good things to your life.


Publisher - Maklau Publishing

Author(s) - Marc Reklau


Published Date - December 26 2023

ISBN - 9786150161112

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 196

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