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Title: Paperback
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In these three sections, Jenny Oyston invites you to explore how you can take more responsibility for your own life by examining what makes you tick, why you behave the way that you do, and what motivates you. You will take time to look at how your emotions affect your behaviour, clarify some of the thinking patterns you have developed and challenge the unhelpful ones. Whether you are simply feeling curious about what this might mean, you have been feeling a bit flat and directionless, or if you simply want to be the best you can be, Jenny's expertise will provide you with the building blocks for finding harmony between your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical experiences.


Publisher - Partnership Publishing

Author(s) - Jenny Oyston


Published Date - June 19 2023

ISBN - 9781915200273

Dimensions - 24.5 x 18.9 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 188

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