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On a spring day in March 2022 when Grandmother moon was at her fullest, wolfdog named Tunkasila transitioned and returned to spirit, to Great Mystery. Before her transition and ever since, Tunkasila has and continues to share wisdom that she wishes to be received as medicine into the hearts of humans, as channelled by her then guardian, Dr Isla Fishburn.


It is the wish of the canine people, which Tunkasila came as and is a part of, for humans to “Return to Ceremony, with themselves and with all of life, including life with our canine friends.


Black Elk, an Oglala Lakota, Heyoka Holy Man once said “Of all the created things or beings in the Universe, it is the two legged men alone, who if they purify and humiliate themselves, may become one with – or may know – Wakan Tanka [Great Mystery].


In a series of 30 channeled teachingsit is the desire of the spirit of Tunkasila to offer her wisdom and allow you to feel, contemplate and become one – with yourself, with your dog, with all of life and to return to ceremony with great mystery that you are and a part ofa connection with the infinite consciousness. 


May Tunkasila’s Teachings allow you moments of returning to ceremonybeing with great mystery, feeling a sense of oneness and experiencing at this level of your heart.


Publisher - Mystic Mouse Publishing

Author(s) - Dr Isla Fishburn | Lorenzo Guescini


Published Date - August 16 2023

ISBN - 9781910815205

Dimensions - 18 x 18 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 158

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