The Voice of Love


Title: Paperback
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Channelled Messages for Humanity from the Heavens... One day in 2010, the Channel of this book, Georgie G Deyn, was blessed with an Angelic visitation that dramatically changed her life. On this auspicious day, an Angel named Love spoke through Georgie. Love announced, "You will sing with the Angels to heal your soul and then you will share our healing love and guidance through your voice." Georgie had been suffering from depression and had lost her voice but after Love's visit, she felt truly blessed and her healing journey began to unfold. Over a period of ten years, Georgie has been channelling Love with her friend and Scribe of the book, Sarah. These Divine messages gave her inspiration to follow her soul's path. The pair soon realised that the channelled messages were meant to be compiled and shared as a book for others. The Voice of Love is a record of Georgie's journey to find her voice and reclaim her soul's purpose. It is a gift that will help the reader to find theirs.


Publisher - The Endless Bookcase

Author(s) - Georgie G Deyn


Published Date - May 13 2022

ISBN - 9781914151491

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 144

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