The Happy Minimalist


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Become happier, more relaxed, and more focused with less stuff

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted?

Do you want to feel more happiness?

Do you want to ban anxiety and stress from your life?

Do you have too much stuff you haven't used for a long time?


In his latest book, Marc Reklau shows you how to adapt a minimalist lifestyle with simple and practical exercises. What starts with decluttering your home and giving away some clothes will lead to better decision-making, more clarity, more time, better relationships, and ultimately a life full of joy.

In this book, you will learn...

  • How to use Minimalism to improve all areas in your life
  • How to simplify and enhance every single one of these areas.
  • How to use Minimalism in your unique situation
  • How to find YOUR style of Minimalism
  • How to tack back control of your life and claim your freedom
  • How simplifying your life will lead to more happiness.
  • How to distinguish the unnecessary from the truly important
  • How to eliminate unimportant things to concentrate on the important things like health, relationships, and personal growth.

And a lot more.


Saying goodbye to everything you don't need is very powerful. It can lead to incredible changes for the better in your life. You'll be able to gain clarity, focus, and feel real gratitude for everything around you.


In "The Happy Minimalist," Reklau shares his own experience with Minimalism showing the specific tips he applied to his life and how he now enjoys a lot more freedom. He'll show you how he managed that all his belongings fit in one big suitcase at the end of the process and how much this enriches his life.


That said. The benefits of Minimalism work for everyone - even if you have a huge house and three kids. The book shows small, attainable steps that everyone can take to achieve a clutter-free home (and mind).


Start spending ten minutes a day getting rid of stuff and start living a better life with less.


Publisher - Maklau Publishing

Author(s) - Marc Reklau


Published Date - December 26 2023

ISBN - 9786150161075

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 150

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