Hermetic Meditation


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The Hermetic tradition proclaims that all things are formed of pure consciousness. The thoughts that we generate and the things that we imagine are made of the same underlying force from which the denser physical objects also consist. Existence is considered one emanating light formed into varying forms and vibrations. Practitioners of this art believe the human mind can be trained in order to step beyond the limitations of the self. The goal being the transformation of self, the evolution of consciousness, and oneness with the underlying goodness in all things. This book is a modern practitioner's insights into meditation practice from a Hermetic point of view and a comprehensive, practical guide that includes: - A guide to seated postures - How to establish a meditation routine - Breathing and its link to guiding mind states - How to best prepare for a meditation session - Methods of overcoming persistent disturbances - How to purify and harmonise your own consciousness - How to link with the divine goodness during meditation - Meditation methods from the traditional Hermetic works - Bringing the blessings of your practice into your daily life Written from a hands-on, practical rather than historical perspective, this work will be of great value to all of those seekers undertaking a spiritual path with the goal of unfolding the beauties of one's inner divinity.


Publisher - Falcon Books Publishing Ltd

Author(s) - Martin Faulks | Martin Faulks


Published Date - March 01 2021

ISBN - 9780995769281

Dimensions - 25.4 x 17.7 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 132

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