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gateful. by Wabi Sabi Essentials is an effective tool to incorporate gratitude thinking into daily lifestyle, easy to fit into daily schedule with the straightforward prompts. This gratitude journal covers 3-month period, beautiful zen arts designed by the author inserted within.

  • Nurtures Gratitude and Mindfulness - Engaging in journaling invites you to appreciate life for at least five minutes each day. It is expertly designed to foster positive manifestations and boost confidence throughout your daily journey.
  • Daily Journal With Prompts - This positivity-infused journal spans three months, featuring meticulously crafted prompts like expressions of gratitude, monthly highlights, manifestions and rewards system in building the habit.
  • User-Friendly Guided Journal - Feeling uncertain about where to begin? No problem! Our gratitude journal offers writing cues to kickstart your flow. The motivational journal is undated, allowing you to commence jotting down your thoughts whenever the inspiration strikes.
  • Minimalist Aesthetic Journal - These prompt-filled journals epitomize quality, exuding less is more.
  • Perfect Gratitude Gifts for Your Loved Ones - Everyone deserves a life filled with peace and happiness. Share the gift of serenity with your friends and family by offering them a mindfulness journal for daily use.


Publisher - Suzy Yoshida

Author(s) - Suzy Yoshida


Published Date - December 18 2023

ISBN - 9606657000014

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.2 cm

Page Count - 104

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