From Calabrian Roots to Silicon Fruits


Title: Paperback
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From Calabrian Roots to Silicon Fruits is an inspiring memoir that beautifully encapsulates the journey from the traditional heartlands of Calabria to the innovative forefront of Silicon Valley.

The book vividly details Calabrian culture and traditions, painting a rich puzzle of life in Southern Italy that profoundly shapes the author. This narrative delves deep into the significance of family, community, and the rustic charms of Calabrian life, showcasing how these elements forge the author's character and worldview.

As readers traverse through the pages, they experience the intricate blend of heritage and ambition, witnessing the author's transformation from a life deeply rooted in Calabrian customs to embracing the dynamic world of technology. This story connects two contrasting worlds, highlighting the power of one's origins in shaping their future.

From Calabrian Roots to Silicon Fruits invites readers to explore the depths of cultural identity and the impact it has on charting one's course in life.


Publisher - Calabrian Roots

Author(s) - Matteo Fanelli


Published Date - February 03 2024

ISBN - 9606760000017

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.7 cm

Page Count - 117

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