Clouds May Come And Go


Title: Paperback
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A child of the Universe, as modest as she was artistically-gifted, Janine’s dream was to one day see her poems, written over several decades, in print. This was certainly not for reasons of vanity or profit - neither of these were of concern to her. Just a simple wish to share with friends far and wide, old and new, spontaneous observations and interpretations of whatever subjects stirred her emotions or tickled her sense of humour at any given time or place. Tender-hearted, incisively intelligent and well-read, this collection captures the essence of the lady’s beautiful spirit - and absolute love of life.


Publisher - Jaromin Publishing

Author(s) - Janine Pike


Published Date - December 08 2020

ISBN - 3780502165014

Dimensions - 18 x 14 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 143

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