Britain's Haunted Land


Title: Paperback
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It is said that Britain is the most haunted country in the world. In his third book on ghosts, John has brought together more of his favourite tales from Britain’s haunted land. A UK poll revealed that three in five people had seen a ghost.

One in three had also either lived or stayed in a house they believed was haunted. Amusingly, when confronted with a ghost, men were twice as likely as women to scream and run away! There is rarely an abbey or great house or castle or cemetery that has no association of rich and varied folklore; of headless horsemen, ghostly maidens, terrifying echoes of gory battle or spectral monks.

You will find within its pages Black Shuck, ghostly soldiers, time slips, Grey Ladies, premonitions of impending disaster, a vampire, murderous spectres, a cursed tree, haunted ships, a phantom bus and even apparitions captured on film. All these stories may convince you that Britain is indeed a very haunted land.


Publisher - JMD Media

Author(s) - John West


Published Date - October 01 2023

ISBN - 9781780916439

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 194

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