Spectrum 5.1 Primary Procedures and Use of collections


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Spectrum is the UK collection management standard that is also used around the world. It gives tried-and-tested advice on the things museums do when managing the collections in their care.

This handy extract aimed at smaller museums features ten of the full standard's 21 procedures. Nine of these are the primary procedures embedded within the Museum Accreditation scheme. UK museums wanting to meet the Accreditation requirements have to meet, or have a plan to meet, the Spectrum standard for the primary procedures.

Also included is the important Use of collections procedure, which can help you record the knowledge gained, and information created, through using collections.

This volume is based on the latest edition of Spectrum, 5.1. Amongst other changes, this version updated the Cataloguing and Use of collections procedures, based on sector consultation aimed at encouraging a more open and inclusive approach.


Publisher - Collections Trust

Author(s) - Sarah Brown | Lindsay Duncan


Published Date - January 09 2023

ISBN - 9781900642323

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 124

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