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In this groundbreaking book, Bishop Wayne Malcolm addresses the possibility and practicalities of national healing through marketplace leadership. At the heart of his thesis is the role that everyday believers play in the four arenas of social authority known as the marketplace. He argues persuasively that the marketplace determines the character and culture of cities and as such should be targeted by the universal church as a legitimate mission field. This book actively encourages an invasion of the marketplace with a view to bringing innovative and ethical leadership to the arenas of politics, business, education and communities. It further lays out a plan for reclaiming cities and re-building broken nations through marketplace leadership. It is the author?s hope that you be inspired and motivated to take your own career and vocation to the new levels of spiritual and social significance in the knowledge that the Scriptures are backing you all the way to the top! Bishop Wayne Malcolm has been called a master motivator and is considered to be a leading performance coach who draws from his wealth of experience as a Christian leader, an international conference speaker and an entrepreneur in the personal development industry. He is affectionately known as the ?Business-Bishop?, having authored over 25 books on self-development and entrepreneurship as the relate to the Christian faith and has personally trained thousands of people around the world through workshops, seminars and training programs on the science pf achievement and professional progress. In addition to his global speaking itinerary, the Bishop appears on numerous TV and radio programs and hosts weekly webcasts that attract a global audience. He is the founder and president of the International Christ Ambassadors Network ICAN Community Churches, a Global Academy for Marketplace Leadership and a Global Network of Marketplace Ministers.


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Bishop Wayne Malcolm


Published Date - May 16 2017

ISBN - 9781784564735

Dimesions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 1 cm

Page Count - 120

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