Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality

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Exploring spirituality can be facilitated through a willingness to use the ancient wisdom inherent in astrology and crystals. Your horoscope shows the positions of the planets in the signs of the zodiac when you where born. This information can also be found from some astrology websites. By recognising the strengths and challenges of these positions, you can understand yourself and your life better. Working with the crystals that resonate with your natal planetary positions may help you to connect with the essence of what your soul is trying to achieve and become more aware of your spirituality. This book clearly describes the qualities of each planet in every sign of the zodiac and the corresponding crystal or natural material.


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Patricia Godden


Published Date - September 27 2017

ISBN - 9781784564834

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.9 cm

Page Count - 344

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