Beside the Sea by Sarah Freeman

    Kale & Coffee

    by Kevin Gianni

    It’s our book of the week, and it’s our survival guide to keeping healthy and happy this summer. We are proud to introduce Kale and Coffee written by the famous health blogger Kevin Gianni and his wife; Annmarie, supplying us with the latest and greatest health advice discovered, discussed and dispersed all over the world. From all corners of the globe we can’t wonder why this book is packed with fundamental knowledge we simply would not know without their wondrous finds. Published on July 21st, we’re all eager to learn the fresh and admirable health wonders of our favourite read this summer!


    Take a look at our Q & A with the author...

    1. What do you aim to achieve by writing Kale and Coffee?

    I want people to not only read it, but finish it. That is one of my top goals. I've read a lot of great health books that are pretty boring, but have fantastic information. The challenge with these is that you can't get past Chapter 2. So when I set out to write this book, I wanted to write something that was entertaining AND gave great insight on how you can transform your health.

    The other goal was to make sure that I covered some of the most pressing health questions that I've been asked over the years. These include questions like should you drink alcohol, should you eat salt, vegan vs. paleo -- which diet is better, is gluten-free a good way to go, can I have my morning coffee and still be healthy and many more. In the book, I break down the research that I found regarding these hot topics to show you what information is real, and what isn't.


    2. The title of your book is ‘Kale and Coffee’ but what is the food you couldn’t live without?

    Kale and Coffee is the combination of two widely popular memes. One is synonymous with health, the other in many ways vice. Throughout our travels in our RV and after, we encountered so many people who were drinking green juices with kale, but also drinking their morning coffee.

    My mission in the book was to determine if this routine was undermining their health or if it was actually making them healthier -- by giving into something they truly enjoyed -- their morning pick me up.Through study of long lived cultures, I found many examples of this kind of health / vice dichotomy. So to me it seemed possible that there was room for your health food as well as a few of the things you just can't live without. In the book I set out to prove it.


    Beside the Sea by Sarah Freeman

    3. Amongst your travels, what is the most ‘weird but wonderful’ health advice you’ve received?

    For me, the most powerful, but unusual health advice I've encountered was the suggestion to do a 5 day, medically supervised water fast -- meaning that you only drink water for that many days. Most people, when I mention this, they cringe. They think could never fast for that long. But the truth of it is that water fasting has been around for thousands of years -- and likely longer. Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha all speak of it -- and doing a water fast is, in many cases, one of the fastest ways to improve the symptoms of many chronic diseases. Unfortunately, most people never heard of this and will likely never do one, but what I've seen in my own experience and through discussing this protocol with doctors and patients that participate blows me away -- over and over again. Doing a supervised water fast (some do it for 40 days!) at a clinic is like hitting the reset button on a computer that is frozen. Once it's booted up, your body starts to work smoothly again.


    'when I set out to write this book, I wanted to write something that was entertaining AND gave great insight on how you can transform your health.'


     4. You’ve got 18.2k followers on twitter. Was it an easy process getting the world to listen to your ideas?

    I think the reason what we did worked was because we were open and transparent from the beginning. We shared what was going on with us, we talked about what we knew and were always willing to let people know what we didn't know. The health industry is filled with people who position themselves as gurus or experts -- but with a lot of stuffiness and ego. We let that all go and brought everyone along with us.

     5. In a summary, how can we achieve Health, Happiness and Longevity? 

     Fortunately and unfortunately, the answer is personalized to your own body and emotional composition. So there's no one size fits all recipe. Sure, we all could probably use more omega 3 fats and Vitamin D and more sleep, but the key to real longevity and great health is to know how your body works with the foods you eat and have fun along the way -- sometimes breaking all the rules that you've set up for yourself. It's freeing to look at long lived cultures that have stress in their lives or drink a ton of wine or have coffee often. This simply means we don't always have to be so stressed about our diets. In the book, I help you put together your own plan and put this all into perspective, so you can achieve the health, happiness and longevity that you want -- without worry, without guilt.



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