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    Central Bankers at the End of Their Rope?

    By Jack Rasmus

    Paperback Save £2.79 = £18.20

    Central banks are becoming a force of economic destabilisation in the 21st century. The basic functions of central banks-whether managing money supply, supervising private banks, bailing out failing banks, stabilising prices, promoting real investment, employment and growth-have all entered a state of increasing decay, breakdown and failure.

    Ukraine in the Crossfire

    By Chris de Ploegg

    Paperback Save £2.54 = £17.45

    Ukraine is embroiled in a bloody civil war. Both sides stand accused of collaborating with racists, of committing war crimes, of serving foreign interests. This proxy-war between Russia and the West was accompanied by a fierce information war. This book separates fact from fiction with extensive and reliable documentation.

    Going MAD

    By Paul H. Johnstone

    Paperback Save £3.79 = £21.20

    This deathbed memoir by Dr. Paul H. Johnstone, former senior analyst in the Strategic Weapons Evaluation Group WSEG in the Pentagon and a co-author of The Pentagon Papers, provides an authoritative analysis of the implications of nuclear war that remain insurmountable today.

    Unprecedented Climate Mobilization

    By David Ray Griffin

    Paperback Save £0.54 = £11.45

    Unprecedented Climate Mobilization offers a comprehensive guide to citizens and governments on the scope of that engagement and how to generate that will. As in the WWII effort, it advocates that all sectors of society be engaged: media, business, labour, religious groups, government - national, state and local, and the...

    End of the Republic and the Delusion of Empire

    By James F. Petras

    Paperback Save £2.04 = £15.95

    Existential malaise comes to America - are we approaching "peak America", where the Republic has failed, and the Empire which put paid to it cannot be achieved? Seasoned political analyst James Petras addresses in broad brush the major upheavals that loom.

    Islamic Resistance to Imperialism

    By Eric Walberg

    Paperback £14.45

    The imperial strategy of manipulating Muslims to promote imperial ends is at least two centuries old. Part I of this book addresses the colonial legacy, the meaning of jihad, and the parallel movements among Sunni and Shia to confront imperialism, Part II considers the main figures among the neo-Wahhabi" movement:...

    Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the Co2 Crisis?

    By David Ray Griffin

    Paperback Save £3.29 = £19.70

    Can we act quickly and wisely enough to prevent climate change better called climate disruption from destroying human civilization? There is no greater issue facing humanity today. This single source provides everything people need to know in order to enter into serious discussions and make good decisions: The latest scientific...

    Genocide in Iraq Volume II

    By Tarik Al-Ani

    Paperback £13.70

    The current horrific malaise in the state of Iraq has its roots in the US-led destruction of Iraq in 1991, followed by a decade of harsh US-led international sanctions against the entire Iraqi population that killed millions -- one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century. A second...

    The Politics of Empire: The US, Israel and the Middle East

    By James F. Petras

    Paperback Save £0.54 = £11.45

    The trillion dollar cost of US wars for Israel, has alienated the vast majority of US society. This study shows how the domestic foundations of empire building have deteriorated and forced the imperial presidency to modify its approach, seeking diplomatic negotiations over new military interventions, specifically in the cases of...

    The Evil Axis of Finance: The US-China-Japan Stranglehold on the Global Future

    By Richard Westra

    Paperback Save £6.74 = £16.25

    Exposes the destructive systemic conditions that make it possible for the US and Wall Street to play a central role in international economic affairs when the US has the world's largest national debt, a gaping trade deficit, an ongoing capital account deficit, an exploding budget deficit, and personal savings hovering...

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